Production Partners

Production Partners:

Video production is by nature a collaboration of Directors, Producers, Editors, Graphic Artists, Production Assistants and great Coffee delivery. Without any of these partners, I would not have the success I have today. Here is a shout-out to some of the great teams I have been honored to work with that help bring great visual stories to life:

  • TK WISMER Co-Producer/Line Producer
    TK WISMER Co-Producer/Line Producer
  • BRET NIELSEN Producer–Fueled Creative
    BRET NIELSEN Producer–Fueled Creative
  • BEN HAMPTON Camera/Editor
    BEN HAMPTON Camera/Editor
  • ROB GARDNER Producer/Director/Editor
    ROB GARDNER Producer/Director/Editor
  • DANA BURMAN Motion/Graphics
    DANA BURMAN Motion/Graphics
  • JAMES WAUGH Producer/Director/Editor
    JAMES WAUGH Producer/Director/Editor
  • ALAN HALFHILL Post–Production Supervisor/Editor
    ALAN HALFHILL Post–Production Supervisor/Editor
  • SHARI FOX–LESLIE VP-Operations
    SHARI FOX–LESLIE VP-Operations
  • LEO SWITUCHA Producer/Director
    LEO SWITUCHA Producer/Director